Prof Oscar Franco

Healthy Aging Expert

Prof Oscar Franco currently is Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Department of Epidemiology of Erasmus University medical center in Rotterdam. He is principal investigator of the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Group and founder and director of ErasmusAGE, Department of Epidemiology at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam.

Before founding ErasmusAGE and coming to Rotterdam, he was Senior Public Health Epidemiologist at Unilever England, Clinical Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Cambridge in England, Assistant Professor in Public Health at the University of Warwick in England and postdoctoral researcher in cardiovascular disease prevention and public health at the Erasmus University medical Center in Rotterdam.

Prof Franco has been awarded the national Dutch public health prize of 2005. He is a fellow of St Edmunds’ College at the University of Cambridge, UK; fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC), fellow of the higher education academy of England (HEA), nucleus member of the European Association of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation (EACPR), member of the English Faculty of Public Health (MFPH) and honorary member of the Colombian diabetes federation.

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