Elisa Escorihuela


Hi!  I am Elisa Escorihuela, but my friends and family call me Eli.

Since my childhood I was always interested in the world of health and followed this path into college and university. After getting a Pharmacy degree I then worked for a year at a community pharmacy, and two years after that as a research consultant in the field of molecular biology.

Then I decided to have a family, and took some time off to raise my children; Ana and Vicente. During this time I studied other subjects such as marketing and cooking. This was the beginning of a change in my profession that I had never imagined when I was young.

When my kids were a bit older I decided to do a masters in nutrition which opened my eyes and made me realise what wanted to do the rest of my life. I wanted to help improve the health of people through food, using one of my passions, cooking.

All this led me to to open my own nutrition center, Nutt. Which is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle, based on the Mediterranean Diet.

I want to improve peoples health through my personal passions, food and cooking

Elisa Escorihuela
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