Dr Natasha Soureti

Health psychologist and addiction specialist

Dr Natasha Soureti is a health psychologist with over 15 years of experience as an addiction expert. A highly energetic and self-motivated health professional, she likes to work with organisations, groups and young people at helping them grow, improve their potential and get over hardships. She truly understands the pressure of real life and how to help. 

Natasha has used her expertise to help a wide range of people. Her specialism in addiction allowed her to run smoking cessation programmes in London, where she trained other health professionals as well as running clinics. She went on to lead a smoking cessation clinic in Athens, based on cognitive behavioural principles and pharmacotherapy, in collaboration with two cardiologists. Natasha has also worked as a Health Psychologist in the development of behaviour change programmes (online and off-line) based on sound theoretical evidence. Areas of behaviour change included physical activity and dietary changes in at risk population (e.g. obese).

She now collaborates with Mdina International in offering companies customised, business-focused solutions in the fields of organisational and health psychology. As part of this process, she offers workshops in effective communication skills, the importance of active listening and empathy in the workplace, leading a team and wellness solutions (e.g. stress management, smoking cessation). Natasha has also lectured at both BSc and MSc level, in modules including Introduction to Health Psychology, Supervision of Research Projects, Communication in the Health Care Context, Changing Health Behaviour, Academic and Personal Development and Organisational Behaviour, Private Security Issues. 

Alongside her academic work, she counsels people individually.

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