Our 7 Step Guide to Living Younger

"I wanted to say an MASSIVE thank you. During the programme I managed to take 9 years off my Life Age, and then went on to lose over 50lbs! I totally believe that doing the Younger Lives programme set me on the right path"  Lesley D

“I’m so glad I followed the Younger Lives Guide. It made me realise that my weight problem were caused by stress levels and low mood and what I actually needed was a new lifestyle approach not just another diet!”  Michelle H

Distilled from decades of research, our email guide takes you step by step through what you practically need to do to get younger, healthier and happier. 

It includes:

  • Help with setting up your personal environment for success.
  • A personalised plan (based on your latest Life Age result)  including specific targets by lifestyle area.
  • Support with getting physically healthier and mentally more positive.
  • Access to lots of practical support, including delicious recipes, stress management techniques, exercise videos, sleep advice and much more.

Note: Not all Younger Lives Programmes include the 7 Step Guide to Living Younger, as this is an optional extra available to Younger Lives clients.